Silvermoon Evi Laurich is the co-founder of Silvermoon, she grew up in the southwest of the USA and still has a very strong connection to the land and people. Being in the states a couple times of the year, she knows the artists and productions and can guarantee quality and originality. Silvermoon
Not only knowing how trading-business is done well to receive good prices - also the spiritual-background information that we have give's us the best selling knowledge. Silvermoon Silvermoon The offered ritual arts and crafts, decorationobjects, dreamcatchers, shields, original smudges and Kinnick-Kinnick - just to mention a few of our articles, were all selected with much love and care.
Silvermoon Our show- and salesroom was designed like the original trading posts of the Navajo-region and will let you have the south western feeling for the time you shop. Looking forward to see you. Silvermoon